QUICK LAUNCH, JUST IN FEW STEPS FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Start your business monetization at once. In contrast to other providers we are quick and flexible with boarding procedures and integration.  For this we provide simplified registration process with immediate possibility to generate and send invoices in one click. In parallel our compliance team will help you to pass our straight forward KYC and boarding process.


  • Quick launch –
    • Instantly request payment from your client while we help you through KYC and boarding process
  • Smart invoicing –
    • Generate and send invoice to your client’s email in one click or set for recurred billing. Create invoice templates, configure easily tax rates if needed and control invoice payment process status through simple reporting.
  • Manage your expenses-
    • Transfer money to your suppliers globally from the same revenues you received to your business account. Pay and control your expenses such as payroll and travel. Use for free our simple budgeting and transaction analysis tools to help you control your cash flows and make business decisions.


  • Top Up and Withdraw funds –
    • You can easily top up your business account and withdraw funds using traditional bank transfer, credit card or any other alternative method. Withdrawals can be scheduled for recurred settlements. As much as possible we ensure and adapt most convenient and cost efficient ways of funding and withdrawal options according to your location.


How it works:

  1. Simple online registration
  2. Send us scans of director or business owners ID, recent utility bill, and basic company documents in case you are a legal entity.
  3. Start charging your clients instantly after registration while we complete your KYC process
  4. Receive revenues to your eWallet and transfer funds globally to 3rd parties or withdraw to your regular bank account or credit card.
  5. Monitor and control your business activities using our simple reporting and budgeting tools