The information below describes usage of the cookies on the website owned by LRG Service Ltd. (further – Coinfide) : ):,, etc. Coinfide Websites use cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data (often encrypted text files, located in browser directories) sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information (such as items added in the shopping cart in an online store) or to record the user’s browsing activity (including clicking particular buttons, logging in, or recording which pages were visited in the past).

Where we are using the cookies?

Cookies helps us to remember your preferences, for instance, language for user interface or to understand if you have agreed to the cookie usage on our website. Cookies are used to understand customers behaviors on our website, so we can improve the usability of it.

Are we passing data to third-party?

Cookies can be passed to our reliable partners. Coinfide uses Google Analytics, Mixpanel cookie files to collect and handle the information.

The main goal of “Google Analytics” and “Mixpanel” cookie usage is to increase the quality of the provided services.

Read more about “Google Analytics”:
Read more about “Mixpanel”:

How to disable cookies?

You can manage (including delete) the usage of cookies on your device (read more: You can easily remove any cookies that have been created in the cookie folder of your browser or change the settings of your browser that it blocks the creation of cookie –files. It leads to non-tracking that forces you to choose the preferences each time you are visiting the website. Due to their core role of enhancing/enabling usability or site processes, disabling cookies may prevent users from using certain websites.

If you are using Coinfide website, then you have agreed for cookie usage on your device.
You can easily void your consent any time – just remove the cookie files from your device.